Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 days off from school!

Well, we have had kids home for 3 days this week so far - I would think they would definitely go back tomorrow but we'll see. We had about a foot of snow but in between the snowfall, we got about 2 inches of ice so it's been a mess for the plows to try and clear the neighborhoods. Bradley has actually loved the snow this year - thank goodness! I took him sledding yesterday but no pictures of that since it was just the two of us. Morgan and her best friend, Chloe, have spent many hours out playing in it. Of course, the moms needed a break last night so I had some of the neighbors over for dessert and wine. I was supposed to be hosting a jewelry party but the consultant called to cancel since the roads were so bad and we couldn't waste a good dessert and a few bottles of wine, could we?

Laurie and Tina, myself and Jill

Bradley on the deck with his snowboat
Chloe(in green), Morgan and Bradley
the front of our house