Friday, February 26, 2010

My new job

This is our new friend, Jake. He turned 2 in January and lives right next door. His mom went back to work and I had told her last fall that if she did, let me know because I have always considered taking on a babysitting job. It has gone very smoothly for 3 weeks now. It isn't much different to have one more boy around the house and some days, he doesn't come until 2:30, usually have a day off during the week so I still get errands/whatever else done. Bradley and Ryan both enjoy playing with him and they can crack each other up sometime. I take him with me to preschool and some parents who don't know us think I have twins - they are the same height, same hair color. He's a really good kid!

Cline Elementary 2nd Grade Musical

Last night, all of the 2nd graders at Morgan's school had a musical. It was really cute and she had a few rounds where just she and a boy in her class sang up at the microphone - of course no pics of that - they had a few kids in each class sing kind of a solo verse - something I would never do! She had talked about how this boy "hogs" the microphone so I could see them both holding their ground strongly by the microphone - shoulder to shoulder- little bit of hard leaning - not quite pushing but Morgan was staking her claim to the microphone. Of course, the whole musical is about being kind, respectful, and friendly and I am waiting for our daughter to shove and push her way to the microphone - great..... Anyhow, it was fun, boys behaved which was good - and one picture is of her friend, Lauren, who is in her class and lives right next door - she is a tiny little thing - truly about the size of Bradley - actually, I just started babysitting her and her little brother (he just turned 2 in January so he and Ryan may be in the same class someday) I watch her after school and Jake comes over quite a bit during the week - some extra friends for my kids and some extra money for me - it is working out great and the boys do so well together!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kirk’s 38th b-day

We celebrated Kirk’s b-day with a homemade birthday cake – right down to homemade buttercream icing – so yummy!  We had a nice dinner, my mom came over, and Ryan thought it was so funny to watch daddy blow out candles!  Hope it was enjoyed by him!IMG_2191 IMG_2181 IMG_2186 IMG_2189