Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camera Class is over…

We had such a fun time and were forced to figure out a lot of settings on our camera that we never use.  We took a few field trips – one to the United States Air Force Museum and one to downtown Yellow Springs – such a unique, cute town.  Here are a few of my favorites along with my friend/neighbors/classmates!

IMG_2660 IMG_2141 IMG_2202 IMG_2204 IMG_2245 IMG_2446 IMG_2475 IMG_2507 IMG_2531 camera class friends

What a stinker!

IMG_2419IMG_2415 IMG_2399 IMG_2401

Me and my baby boy

Hard to believe he is almost 2 yrs old.  I can’t think of many pictures I have of just he and I so I just decided to give my camera to Morgan and she got a decent picture so here we are – too bad he didn’t smile!


What’s that noise?

Kirk went away for a 4 day weekend to the Big Ten Tournament in Indy and of course, the night he leaves, I start hearing a lot of loud movement above our bedrooms, family room, etc.  I knew it was too big to be a squirrel and we have had a raccoon in the attic in our first home we bought together in Miamisburg so this was all too familiar.  Every night, same time, Mr. Nocturnal would get up to venture out for his partying in the neighborhood and I would hear him.  Very unnerving!  When Kirk got home, he set up our live trap, from the previous catch 9 yrs ago and within 10 hrs, we had him! They like breakfast cereal, by the way!  I think we should hire Kirk out for his trapping abilities!

IMG_2701 IMG_2692 IMG_2699

Precious bunnies

Our old neighbors got some bunnies for pets – I think Jill was more excited to get them than her kids.  They are adorable and almost look fake in the picture of them alone.  My kids loved them and I got some precious photos of both bunnies and children!  Thanks for sharing them with us, Greenings!

IMG_2738 IMG_2725 Morgan and Chloe IMG_2735

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bradley’s St. Patty’s Day crown

Bradley had so much fun at his St Patrick’s Day party – remember when they are young- the leprechaun comes and messes up the rooms!  He believed it.  He wore his crown all day – even after quiet time, he put it on to go play outside!


IMG_2704 IMG_2703

Monday, March 1, 2010

Abram’s visit and Snow play

Okay, I hate to start posting out of order but these are from the first of February but wanted to make sure they were seen.  My sister-in-law, Jenny and her son Abram, came up to visit us during a snowy day so I played around with some camera settings and got some good shots.  We had some killer icicles on our house – isn’t that a sign of poor insulation?  Guess that is what you get for buying an older home? Maybe we should fix that next fall! IMG_2169 IMG_2150 IMG_2154 IMG_2159 IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2165 IMG_2166IMG_2168