Friday, May 28, 2010

Ryan’s 2nd Birthday and Memorial Day weekend

Our little boy is not so little today – he looks like a little man and is MUCH larger than the average 2 yr old – he is OFF the chart in height (108th percentile) and 80th percentile in weight, according to his 2 year check-up.  We celebrated a little at home and then left that evening to go to Buck Creek State Park with Kirk’s family at the cabins there.  Had a great time but he ended up getting a really croupy cough there and found out the day we got home, at the 2 year check-up, that he also had an ear infection.  You can see it in his eyes that he is not feeling so well – poor guy!  They also had a great beach there and we did a girl’s craft day where we all modified basic picture frames into our own little pieces of art.  Fun!

 P1020979 P1020980Birthday boy!

P1020982 Buck Creek BeachP1030011 P1030014 P1030019 Cousins-and lots of them! and the 9 month old wasn’t even in this picture plus the one on the way – July 8th, 2010!P1030025Craft time!P1030044 The whole gang!P1030031

Cornhole isn’t as easy to play anymore- kids are way too interested in it now!P1030036 Ryan also has his love of trains! and cars! and construction equipment!IMG_3345 IMG_3342 IMG_3344

Bradley’s preschool graduation

Bradley graduated from Epiphany Lutheran Preschool – can’t believe preschool is over.  He is so self-conscious with weird things so he would NOT wear his cap.  He just held it through the ceremony and he wouldn’t sing the songs they had practiced.  Needless to say, I am happy I wasn’t trying to video tape it!

We just found out he got into the young 5’s program at Centerville’s Primary Village South.  It is a beautiful school and will be 4 yrs old this fall.  The have a program specifically suited to those summer babies who would be the youngest in the class if they had started kindergarten.  We are thrilled they had a spot because he actually got into the regular kindergarten program but we were quite certain we would repeat a 2nd year because of his age so I discussed this with the principal who is super nice and she called me when an opening became available for the young 5’s – saves us making the call next year.  He will still ride on the bus and go for a 1/2 day just like he would be in kindergarten but the ration is about 16 students vs. 21-22 that would be in regular kindergarten.  Now he will continue on with kindergarten the following year and then 1st grade so he will be at that school for 3 years instead of 2.  We are really happy about that.

  IMG_3323 IMG_3326 IMG_3334 IMG_3338IMG_3320IMG_3336

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crafty Mama’s Booth

We gave our first real craft show a try!  It was a 2 day event – very hot the second day!  We sold some stuff but not as much as we had hoped.  Still looking for the perfect crowd for our taste!  Maybe we are the only ones who like what we make – if we don’t find a better venue, we feel we are set for teacher gifts for the rest of our kids’ school careers!  Here is a look at our little boutique-y booth. 

P1020975 P1020967 P1020968 P1020969 P1020972 P1020974

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cousins in monster jammies!

Okay, not so scary in their monster outfits, but awfully cute!  The mommies decided to buy them matching pajamas so one day when they were here, we got them ready for bed and wanted to try a photo shoot.  As you can see, cousin Abram was a little too tired for it and had a few tears in his eyes!  Still cute!IMG_3303 IMG_3299 IMG_3301

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hangin’ out in the back yard

Another beautiful, non-buggy day to be enjoyed outside so we always make the most of them!

IMG_3291 IMG_3287 IMG_3288

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hilton Head favorites – a video will follow!

We love Hilton Head – it is so nice to go there and relax – we bike ride all over the island.  We enjoyed the beach this year because it was later in the year so it was actually warm and we saw lots of dolphins.  We took a sunset/dolphin cruise on a large catamaran and that was great too!  There were even turtles so used to people that they came right up the bank of the creek to get crackers from us- I know we shouldn’t have done it but our neighbors started it!

IMG_3174 IMG_3042 IMG_3079 IMG_3088 IMG_3152 IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3162 IMG_3192 IMG_3224 IMG_3267