Saturday, July 25, 2009

Okay, I know you are all(or those 3 of you that read this-guess I'm being generous with my "all") thinking "what!? is Lisa actually posting something?" I am! Now don't expect miracles people! I am going to try and stay current and go back as I have time. Now that we have moved, and are for the most part, settled, I am ready to try this again. I have always enjoyed doing it but things just got a little crazy the past several months. These are just some current pics of the kids in case you forgot what they looked like :) I just took them yesterday - I also got my new Canon rebel so I am anxious to play around and hopefully have good pictures to be putting on this blog of mine! Enjoy and more to come(past and present!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New House

Well, as most of you know, we made the big move from Beavercreek to Centerville - we are settled and really enjoying the house and neighborhood. The benefits are that Kirk is closer to work, we are much closer to my mom, and quite frankly, we are saving money without really giving up any square footage. The down side is we gave up some very important people, The Humphrey's, who backed up to us and were like an extended family living behind us - we also just got a great euchre group started up in the old 'hood so we are still commuting to it once a month - just can't walk to them anymore! We miss our old neighborhood but look forward to feeling like this is home(hopefully for a long time b/c this move stressed me out!) and exhausted me! It's always fun to re-decorate a new place so I posted a few of my new house but don't want to put them all out there b/c some of my friends haven't made the 18 mile drive to the OTHER side of the world(yes, you know who you are :) I do forgive you and look forward to someday seeing you at my front doorstep! I love the open-ness of the back of the house, even though it is an older home and I LOVE being able to look right out the kitchen windows into our SHADY backyard - have always had homes where the main floor is up a level(our bi-level, our 2 story with the walk-out) so this is so nice to keep on eye on the chid-lins!) I also have a very handy hubby -which saves us oodles of money on labor!) who updated our exterior light fixtures and I am lovin' them! I have a before of the post light and the old lights on the house were just like it except they had the standard long pillar pole below them (and if you can't tell, they have the plastic yellow glass that really dated them!) In the after picture, you can see my big mama light by the door and the 2 on either side of the garage are that style but a smaller version and the post light is also updated(you can see that on the view of the whole house) Thanks Kirk!