Monday, January 11, 2010

Kitchen for the boys

When we moved, I was so ready to get rid of all large toys so I "craigs-listed" our little tikes kitchen thinking we wouldn't need it anymore. After reflecting on this with my friend, Amy, I wondered why I did b/c I really think the boys would enjoy one and she mentioned how her older daughter and friend still play around with it. Literally, THE NEXT DAY, I went into Target -love that place! - and they were having their HUGE 75% off Christmas toy sale. I got this for $25/brand new in box/step 2 - regular price of $100. I couldn't get one this nice and this cheap at a garage sale so I had a stocker get it up to the front register for me b/c I couldn't maneuver my other bargains and Ryan along with that. Boy did I spend some $ but have gifts for upcoming b-days, Easter, Christmas, etc!


jill g said...

Boys like to cook too! Joey cooks beter than his two sisters.

A. Humphrey said...

you have been busy while i was gone. so many post. love them all.