Friday, May 28, 2010

Bradley’s preschool graduation

Bradley graduated from Epiphany Lutheran Preschool – can’t believe preschool is over.  He is so self-conscious with weird things so he would NOT wear his cap.  He just held it through the ceremony and he wouldn’t sing the songs they had practiced.  Needless to say, I am happy I wasn’t trying to video tape it!

We just found out he got into the young 5’s program at Centerville’s Primary Village South.  It is a beautiful school and will be 4 yrs old this fall.  The have a program specifically suited to those summer babies who would be the youngest in the class if they had started kindergarten.  We are thrilled they had a spot because he actually got into the regular kindergarten program but we were quite certain we would repeat a 2nd year because of his age so I discussed this with the principal who is super nice and she called me when an opening became available for the young 5’s – saves us making the call next year.  He will still ride on the bus and go for a 1/2 day just like he would be in kindergarten but the ration is about 16 students vs. 21-22 that would be in regular kindergarten.  Now he will continue on with kindergarten the following year and then 1st grade so he will be at that school for 3 years instead of 2.  We are really happy about that.

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Nicki said...

aw, I am SO happy Bradley got into the Young 5's program! You will love it! That nice Principal you talked to, used to be my boss! Love her :). Do you know which teacher he will have yet? So jealous :)