Wednesday, January 9, 2013

White-washing a brick fireplace

My decor and fun colors never meshed with the rustic, earth tones of our fireplace so I went on pinterest looking to paint it white and got some ideas for white-washing instead!  Loving the new look and fits so much better in our home.  It really didn't take more than about 5 hours total and that includes having dear hubby remove fireplace surround and spray painting it silver and painting the dark brown mantle white.

before after fireplaceIMG_6731 - Copy IMG_6737 - Copy


Jackie Holmes said...

I love this! Can you share with me how you did it? I have a very similar fireplace and would love to replicate this!


melissa said...

Yes idnlike to know too.. I've read about it and people use different methods and ratios.

harriet sutton said...

Love the whitewash... I bought an old fixer upper and it has the large stone rock on the fireplace. I would love to whitewash... Can you tell me how??? or

Anonymous said...

Hi - I like the whitewash look - it's nice that it isn't a solid colour and still has variation.

Can you send me the instructions to what you used?

Many thanks!

Unknown said...

This is amazing!! Can I have the instructions too please?

kaitlinnwalker said...

I have a very similar fireplace as well! May I have the instructions?