Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Favorite Daytona Beach Pictures

Well, we made it to Daytona with our sanity in place. The kids couldn't have done much better on the ride down except for Bradley and his "puking" for lack of better words about 2 hours into trip. Did that twice, fell asleep and was fine so we contributed it to car sickness. My mom and Kirk's mom both joined us which was wonderful! Weather was beautiful, no rain, lots of sunshine and pooltime - Morgan and Kirk were even in the ocean but too cold for my tootsies! I felt like I was developing allergies as we drove into Daytona and by that eve, couldn't even breathe thru my nose, my head was so full of pressure, I thought I would go crazy and my ears wouldn't unpop! By Tuesday night, gave up and went to Urgent Care so I wouldn't have to drive home in this condition so I was feeling better and had a good Thanksgiving day by the pool and putt-putt golf with the kids. Return trip was sooooo long with so much traffic and Ryan developed a fever Friday eve before leaving and had it on and off for the weekend so we stayed overnight in Knoxville- we were hoping to make it all the way home but was too much to ask of the kids. Took Ryan to doctor today and he has a double ear infection so basically we have had a sick household for quite awhile, considering Bradley was being treated for croup when we headed south! All in all, it was great, I pushed through for the most part and we love our nannies!!! It couldn't have been so enjoyable without them and their help!

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Suzanne said...

Girl, you look awesome in these pictures. Love the photo of Morgan and Bradley at the putt-putt course. Looks like you had a great time!