Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Fest - The Beach Waterpark

We decided to meet Kirk's step-sister, husband, and her step-sister down at The Beach Waterpark in Cincinnati. We also took my mom, and our good friends(neighbors), The Humphreys went with us. We had enough people to get $5 tickets so it was well worth it, I would say. We got to paddleboat in the lazy river, ride sleds down a few of the steep water slides, feed a calf a bottle, see a great train display, ride ponies and carousels - what more could we ask for? And I got a hot cocoa with kahlua-3 more would have been nice! We had a great time!
Uncle Josh, Bradley, and Maddie
Amy, myself, Chloe and Morgan

Bradley mesmerized by the train display - he had a HARD time leaving!
Morgan feeding the calf
Ryan - snug and toasty
Mommy and Morgan sledding down the waterslide
daddy and Bradley on the paddleboats -no fair! They are not paddling!

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