Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zanesville Christmas

We went to Zanesville for Kirk's family Christmas gathering at his dad's house. We were joined by his step-brother and wife who just had twins about 7 weeks ago and they are adorable! They were preemies, Reese weighing in just under 3lbs at birth and Avery was around 5lbs. They are precious and still tiny and I loved holding them! Reese is still only around 5lbs being much smaller than any of mine were, even at birth. We are expecting another cousin in March because his step-sister and husband are having one so our kids will finally not be the ONLY children at our gatherings - yeah!

Ryan and Kirk
Reese(on left) and Avery(rt) -Reese looks bigger just because Avery is all balled up!
Me and a few of my "babies"

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