Sunday, August 2, 2009

Butterfly Festival

Hiking trails are excellent!

Morgan and Bradley at the kids station

zebra butterfly

a caterpillar wanted to come home on our stroller

lots of caterpillars waiting to cocoon

our family on the infamous bench
We decided to head out today to the Butterfly Festival at Cox Arboretum and face the crowds. I definitely feel that adding the 3rd to our family, as much as I adore him and his always scrunched up nose, that it sure makes outings more challenging. Between everyone needing dressed, fed breakfast, then naptime for Ryan, then lunch, it takes us all day to get out the door but we did it! Hooray for us! and we loved the hiking - thank goodness we had the jogger stroller! We will definitely go back for the hiking paths (maybe leave the stroller and Ryan with Nanny Cherry) Beautiful, perfect day!

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A. Humphrey said...

love the family picture in the butterfly chair. we will have to try to get the kids their after vacation.