Sunday, August 16, 2009

Morgan's Bedroom Makeover

Okay everyone - I worked my butt-oosky off this weekend and I must say, I am soooooo happy with how this project turned out! Morgan is turning 8 one week from today and since we just moved into this house a few months ago, I wanted to paint her room first - I think girls deserve to have rooms decorated first(primarily b/c I am a girl and I painted my scraproom/computer blogging heaven space FIRST!-the day the furniture was arriving) So I guess when I say I wanted to paint her room first, it is in comparison to all of the bedrooms. Anyhow, I posted a lot of pictures but I wanted you to see the before and after shots. It is probably easier if you start at the bottom of the post and work your way up b/c of the order of them-it will make more sense. I just must say how WONDERFUL the Frog tape(it is green) from Lowe's is to make stripes - nothing bleeds behind and I was doing a happy dance as I peeled it off the wall! Obviously, the comforter which we already had purchased, was my inspiration piece. I painted her dresser, changed out knobs on dresser, closet, and cubby doors, got her cute silver lamp at Goodwill, purchased the lampshade at Wal-mart so a total of $11 and tied some ribbon on it. The most exciting part is that she has been camping with her brother and pappy(my dad) and his wife all weekend and are coming home tomorrow so I am putting a sign on her door "surprise-happy early birthday!"-can't wait for her to see it! Oh, and after previewing this post, yes, I did get a little paint-crazy and painted the paddles of ceiling fan too - it does look cool!


A. Humphrey said...

i love it. she is going to be so surprised. did you make the cute little fabric runners on the dresser and night stand? if so very crafty. dresser looks great.

Nicki said...

You have given me hope that I can indeed give Sammy the stripes that he wants :-)
Hey, maybe you could come help me...hehe

Jenny Pabst said...

Totally Cool. Did she flip out? The fan is so you... the crazy-crafty person... super cute! Now I know Mister's room will look great because his Aunt Lisa will paint it!!