Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morgan and Bradley's Birthday

We celebrate Morgan and Bradley's birthdays together each year since they are usually family parties with mutual friends. Morgan turned 8 on August 23 and Bradley turned 4 on August 24 so they are back to back. We did a fun "outback adventure" theme stolen from Family Fun's website. We took the kids on a walk thru the woods near our home in search of reptiles(fake plastic snakes and lizards we hid before they walked through) They had so much fun and unfortunately my photo files when downloaded are mostly screwed up! What the heck - they look so bizarre in my photo software so I may not get them back to normal so here are a few of the good ones!

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Nicki said...

It was such a great idea! Loved the walking sticks and the walk in the woods. good job Sidwells :-). Glad we could be part of the celebration.