Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kirk’s 20 year reunion

Kirk had his reunion in Newark Ohio so we went there for the weekend.  It was a lot of fun to see some of his buddies that were actually in our wedding and my good friend, Mary, who was my college roommate for 2 years went to high school with him too so I knew a few people there.  They graduated with 500 or so but the turn-out was about 75 so not very big gathering.  We went to dinner with some of Kirk’s buddies and significant others, and then headed on to the reunion. 

P1030108 Amy, Kirk and Mary (met Kirk at Amy’s party – we all went to Ohio University)P1030096 Mary and DaveP1030097 Duane and AmyP1030098 Rob and CindyP1030101 Kirk and IP1030102 The whole gang before the reunionP1030107 Mary and I

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