Saturday, October 31, 2009

Raspberry Dolphins Soccer Party

Morgan just finished her fall soccer season and I had to put the name of their team as the title for the entry because it cracks me up that the girls came up with the name dolphins for their official color of raspberry(although I always cheered "go pink" because raspberry doesn't fly out of the mouth as easily). Kirk coached the girls and his assistant coach threw the year-end party. His wife made a beautiful cake for them and they gave them all awards and trophies. They finished up about 1/2 way down the bracket in their league but it was fun season and the girls looked forward to all of the practices and games - the parents stressed that to the guys all the time. As a treat for the girls who hairsprayed their hair pink for the tournament weekend, they got to do the coaches at the party - lucky Kirk - he didn't even like to wear the pink coaches shirt after he left the field and here he is with pink hair - good sport! Way to go Morgan and Kirk!


A. Humphrey said...

loooove the pink hair. he should have kept it for trick or treat.

Nicki said...

Kirk looks good in pink :-)