Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ryan's boo boo

Well, Ryan got his first of what I am sure will be many bad boo-boos. He was diving around on the couch and overshot the arm of the couch and hit the corner of his eyebrow into the end table. Of course Kirk wasn't here and I am trying to decide whether this is worth a probably 6+ hour wait at Children's Medical Center if we don't even need stitches. Thankfully, across the street, we have a pediatrician and sports medicine doctor so I talked to her and she said whichever one of them got home sooner would come over and check it out. In came Mr. Corey with his rubber gloves, steri-strips, and glue to hold them on. I restrained him while he checked it out and thought it would be fine with just the steri-strips. How much easier than the ER! Love our kind neighbors!

1 comment:

Nicki said...

aw, poor Ryan, but how awesome to have those neighbors!!!