Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat Night

This year we decided to go back to the old neighborhood for trick-or-treat because we didn't realize Morgan would have a few friends nearby this house and we knew we'd all have fun back with our friends in Beavercreek. We went to the Humphrey house and had pizza and got the kids dressed after that. So glad we went, it was so good to see all those familiar faces and I know we would've felt a bit like strangers in this neighborhood except for the surrounding ones we know. Next year, I am sure we will have met more of them but it was nice to go back. Chloe and Morgan have gone around together since they can remember so it is hard for them not to have each other. Ryan was dressed as a dog and the Humphrey dog, Roxy, was a bumble bee and she seemed to like Ryan being a dog - she was quite interested in the cute dalmatian in her house! They all looked so cute and the weather was much better than expected, although still chilly! Perfect for the firepit in the Greening driveway afterwards. The kids spent most the eve inside sorting and trading candy and we hung out with the grown-ups!


A. Humphrey said...

thanks for coming. we are always happy to have our other family.

Nicki said...

Cute costumes!!!

Melissa said...

I think I forgot about your blog, but I have it bookmarked now so I will remember to come back! Checking out a few of the previous blogs and can't believe how big your kids are getting! That's baby Ryan??? Well, it's happening to all our kids. :( Hope you are enjoying your new house and I hope to see you this weekend for Janel's b-day. Cute Halloween costumes by the way too!